Educational institutes are a powerful platform to teach and influence students about healthy habits and behaviour. Appropriate intervention by educational institutions at every stage – primary, middle and secondary — can help in inculcating healthy practices among children.

A variety of health issues such as nutrition, disease prevention, physical development, addiction, safety and reproductive as well as mental health need to be addressed at this stage. The best way to raise interest in children about these topics is by involving them.

A unique talent fest where more than 50 schools across India take part to share and improve their knowledge on health. The objective is to encourage students to learn preventive healthcare strategies. The best of performances are awarded. Events include Yoga and Meditation, Folk Dance, School Band, Skit, Science Model Making and Demonstration, Slogan and Poster Making, Painting, Nukkad Natak, Qawwali, Western Dance Group, Choreography, Youth Rock Band/Orchestra, Singing, 2- Minute Health Movie and Poetry Recitation competitions.

Interlinking entertainment with education is an ideal way to reach out to the youth. Designed along the concept of infotainment, Youth Fest is an events that attracts students from all streams of education. Educating the students on health was one of the sole reasons for introducing this programme. There is no doubt that students will gain immense knowledge about healthcare via these programmes, while at the same time enjoy themselves. More than 40 colleges are expected to take part in the Youth Fest this year. Students from any educational institute can opt for becoming a CAMPUS AMBASSADOR of Perfect Health Mela

Become a Campus Ambassador of HCFI in your college.

This year we are introducing the Campus Ambassador Program for students from colleges across India.

Why become a Campus Ambassador?

  1. Develop interpersonal skills.
  2. Enhance your leadership and management skills
  3. Special mention in our online portals
  4. Earn Certificate of Appreciation.
  5. Live exposure and experience.
  6. Influential network.
  7. Flexible hours and on-campus work opportunity.
  8. Personalised merchandise.

Click here to know the responsibilities and fill up your application form 

Dancing is good for health and our cultural competition Heritage sets the stage for various classical dance forms, which are an excellent mix of exercise and meditation ensuring both good physical as well as mental health. The categories include:

  • Bharatanatyam (Junior and Senior solo and group)
  • Odissi (Junior and Senior solo and group)
  • Kathak (Junior and Senior solo and group)

As the name suggests, this programme is specially designed to bring out the talent in differently abled children. The objective is to give them their share of opportunity to socialize and showcase their talent to the world. Eminent judges will judge the children in competitions such as Yoga, painting, singing, and Diya decoration.



Certificate of participation – Each student is given a certificate of participation by HCFI as a token of appreciation.

Opportunity to stand out – PHM gives students a robust competitive platform to perform on. This not only boosts the confidence of students across all age groups but also encourages them to pursue their talent later in life. It allows students to see imperfections and mistakes as an integral part of their journey to success.

Trophy for the schools and colleges – The school and college with maximum participation will be awarded a special trophy.

Health Education – Educating the students on health was one of the sole reasons for introducing this programme. There is no doubt that students will gain immense knowledge about healthcare via these programmes, while at the same time enjoy themselves.

So why miss the chance?

If you are a school, a student or part of a group and wish to display your unique talent in front of a vibrant audience then please get in touch and send your details to us. We promise to give you an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. Enroll today for any of the PHM programmes!

Cheer Zones – This year we are introducing Cheer Zones. Cheer Zones are assigned to schools and colleges sending cheer squads of a minimum of 200 individuals, apart from participants. Cheer Squads could include students who are not participating, faculty, teachers, parents, other admin, and management staff of the college.

Emcee & Photographer Hunt – Student aspiring to be photographers and emcees can send pictures they have clicked and videos on “why they would like to be an emcee”, and we would love to offer them a chance to put their skill to show to an audience of 3000+ individuals!