PHM over the years

Since its inception in the year 1993, the Perfect Health Mela has focused on a theme each year. The mission is to strengthen public knowledge on intense health issues such as HIV/AIDS, mother and child care, dengue, flu viruses and family planning.

This Silver Jubilee Year 2018 focuses on Affordable Healthcare.

In the past few years, the PHM has flagged off some of the following aspects of healthcare.


The theme this year was Digital Health and promoted the concept of reliable and accessible healthcare for all through digital media. The event was inaugurated by Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Hon’ble CM of Delhi. Besides creating awareness on various raging health issues such as dengue, chikungunya and malaria, the mela also showcased an exhibition of handicraft and handloom products and counseling sessions on Cancer, HIV/AIDS and mental ailments. There was emphasis on raising awareness on substance abuse and the need for support groups to fight the same. It also promoted the essence of Dussehra and the importance of fighting our inner vices to promote good health.


Based on the concept of One Health, PHM 2016 brought into focus the importance of harmonious interlinking of animal and human environment as one whole living space. This year saw a record breaking 7000 people getting trained in “Hands-Only
CPR technique.

IMA Godh Bharai

This was a special feature in which the Indian Medical Association (IMA) collaborated with HCFI and Johnson & Johnson for an exclusive mother and child care event that included a panel discussion with gynecologists and pediatricians. More than 300 women and 600 children also participated in various activities as part of this programme.

Spiritual Conference

Keeping the spirit of ‘One health’ alive, this programme brought together spiritual gurus from different religious backgrounds to support an All Faith consensus on health.

Taramandal Show

A mobile planetarium was put up by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India where many shows where screened showcasing the wonders of the night sky.


Special features of the mela this year included a mega campaign on child sex abuse, a study to assess levels of lead in blood across different age groups, and campaign for intolerance against violence.

UNESCO Conference

Besides the regular programmes which are part of the PHM, the 2015 event hosted a special UNESCO Conference. High-profile attendees included Dr Susan Vize, Advisor UNESCO; Prof. Kalra, Patron of the UNESCO Charter on “the Importance of bioethics”; and Dr A M Pillai, National President, IMA. This conference was organized to discuss new age problems in healthcare and to promote the UNESCO charter on Bioethics.


The focus this year was on Swachch Bharat, Swasth Bharat with the motive of promoting public health by improving cleanliness. As part of the HCFI CPR10 programme, 6000 people received training on the life-saving “Hands-Only” CPR technique. The event also saw a record 1355 people availing free 3D ECHO and 2462 free ECGs. An exclusive SAIL Heart and Health pavilion was set up where many heart patients received free telemedicine. The mela received widespread media coverage and a primetime television broadcast on Dilli Aaj Tak.