Please submit your nomination in a video or a presentation file through the online application portal only.

The nomination write-up should be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation (max 20 slides) and / or a 3 minutes movie clip about the initiative. The presentation slide should be in a generic  size of 16 by 9. Nominations without any one of these will not be considered.

Please stick to the key points only and do not give unnecessary details

Indicative points to be included into each section of your submission:

Element Description Mandatory Points Indicative Points
Campaign details This is to give the jury an overview of the campaign
  • Name of the campaign
  • Time-span of the campaign (Whether recurring campaign or not)
  • Geographical spread of the campaign
Background & Objectives This is to give the jury a brief idea about the campaign, its objectives and the target group
  • The purpose or objective of the campaign
  • The target audience for the campaign
  • The origin of / idea behind the campaign
  • Specific requirements or preferences
  • Factors important for success of the campaign
Strategy The jury will be looking for appropriateness, relevance and quality of strategic thinking What was the strategy?
  • How was it devised?
  • What was the rationale behind it?
  • How was the strategy suited to meet the objectives?
Creative Concept & Innovation The jury will be looking for originality, creativity, impact of the concept and an ability to achieve the objectives The idea / innovation that was developed from concept to implementation Any related issues that were faced during development of the concept
Execution & Planning
The jury will be looking for and its relevance to the objectives effectiveness on how the execution was carried out
Method of execution of the Campaign and its relevance to the objectives
Results The jury will be looking for the extent to which the objectives of the campaign were met Describe the success of the campaign with testimonials and quantifiable results
Other Relevant Details Details that are required as per the award categories and key evaluation factors

Winners will be felicitated with awards at the 25th MTNL Perfect Health Mela on the 27th October at Talkatora Stadium

Up to 5 members from every applying organization are invited to the Awards Evening.



The participants need to understand and agree to the following:

  • All the awards/ prizes honoured/ distributed by the organizer have been arrived on the sole and unbiased conclusions made by the independent jury through a fair process and such acts of the organizer shall not in any way amount to any discrimination to any person/parties thereon.
  • The participant elects to voluntarily participate in the event with full knowledge and thereby declare that all information, facts and materials provided by them for the purposes of their participation are true and best to their knowledge.
  • The organizer shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage, action, claim, cost or expenses, or any injury to any party/ person which may arise as a consequence of their participation in this event.
  • The organizer reserves its rights to post/ publish any images/ photographs taken at the awards function and such images / pictures shall become the sole property of the organizers.
  • The organizer shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for injuries and damages that may arise out of or in connection with any wrongful information, misrepresentation or corroborated facts disclosed by the participants.
  • All decisions of the awards jury with respect to any aspect of the awards, including and not limited to, eligibility of entries and any discrepancies or inconsistencies, are final and binding on all entrants in all matters as they relate to these awards.
  • All entries and documents submitted to participate are not returnable and the organizing committee retains the right to the information.
  • The awards are non-transferrable.
  • The entry fee for participation is non-refundable.
  • Entry forms should be submitted prior to the stipulated deadline with complete information and entry fee. Changes in the deadline, if any, will be published on the awards portal.