A good company takes care of the society as well as its employees. And for such corporates, healthcare is an integral part of their CSR. As part of HCFI’s community outreach endeavor, we enable corporates to promote employee health management by inviting them to participate in our employee engagement activities.

Employee Engagement Activities

PHM holds interactive sessions on healthy living and good health practices for employees. Gain from an array of healthcare events including a workshop on work-life balance and how to reduce stress, one on life-saving techniques, and Hands-Only CPR 10 training sessions to handle emergencies.

Corporates can participate in PHM 2018 in the following ways:

  • Sponsorship
    PHM 2018 offers you various branding opportunities ranging from hosting your logo on main stage backdrop to logo presence on entry and exit gates, and ticket counters. You will also be given a stall space of 2 X 4 feet for 5 days. Get presence on banners and running branding placed across the venue. We also offer you ample pre-event branding presence through print, radio and social media.
    Get in touch if you would be interested in sponsoring our event. You can write to us on info@perfecthealthmela.com or call us on 9953317972
  • Donation
    HCFI is a registered non-profit organization issuing 80G certificate for tax benefits to companies. Any corporate can choose to make a donation to HCFI against which certain visibility shall be offered.
  • HCFI CSR Awards
    For more information about the HCFI CSR Awards Click Here