Most ailments begin silently and by the time they present obvious symptoms it may be too late. This is why medical practitioners attach great importance to preventive health check-ups. Simple diagnostics tests can not only save you from life threatening situations but also from the trouble of shelling out huge sums of money during critical scenarios.

While many of us are aware of the importance of preventive healthcare measures, some segments of the population remain ignorant. For the benefit of one and all, the PHM endeavors to bring preventive health check-ups into the primary healthcare regime.

As part of our ‘Affordable healthcare for all’ campaign, PHM 2018 brings you free health check-ups including general body check-up with BMI estimation, routine blood test, blood pressure check, eye checkups, Electrocardiogram (ECGs) and ECHO. We also facilitate general consultations with certified medical practitioners including allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors.

Through its continued efforts, PHM has made some humble contributions over the years including:

  • Over 250 heart surgeries under the sponsorship of HCFI with lifetime free consultation and medication to those operated.
  • Over 850 ECGs undertaken free of cost
  • More than 3000 free medical consultations offered with over 10000 free medical check-ups