Among the various unique events organized as part of PHM is Anmol, an inter-school event for children with special needs. The event aims to spread the message that children with special needs are not disabled but differently abled. Though they lose one of the faculties in the body, this is compensated by cultivating some other. Under the ambit of this event, these children participate in various activities and competitions including painting, cartoon and collage making, rangoli, music, and dance. The idea then is to not only encourage them but also spread awareness among the masses that these children are no less than any other and have the equal ability to excel in whatever they do.

Anmol competition are on 25th October 2018.

Yoga (Topic: I am the Best)
Dance (Topic: Bhaav & Mudra)
Singing (Group) Competition (Topic: United we Stand)
Painting (Topic: Healthy Food)
Diya Decoration(Topic: Life in Colors)
Date: 25th October, Thursday 2018
Time: 9 AM to 12 PM
Venue: Talkatora Indoor Stadium