The Perfect CSR Awards 2018

The perfect CSR Awards are designed to honor the best CSR initiatives that have revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered across India.

Winners will be felicitated during the 25th MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2018.

Entries are open in the following categories:

  • Perfect CSR Campaign of the Year
  • Perfect CSR Impact of the year
  • Perfect Agriculture Development Campaign
  • Perfect Wildlife Conservation Campaign
  • Perfect Awareness Campaign
  • Perfect Cause Branding Campaign
  • Perfect Community Development Program
  • Perfect Cyber Crime Awareness Campaign
  • Perfect Disaster Relief Campaign
  • Perfect Education Campaign
  • Perfect Empowerment of Special Communities (disability, special care, transgender, etc.)
  • Perfect Environment Management/Forestry/Horticulture
  • Perfect Health Campaign
  • Perfect Village Development Campaign
  • Perfect Rehabilitation & Resettlement Project
  • Perfect Road Safety
  • Perfect Safe Drinking Water
  • Perfect Sanitation Campaign
  • Perfect Social Media Awareness Campaign
  • Perfect Sports Promotion Campaign
  • Perfect integration of Technology in CSR
  • Perfect Water Conservation
  • Perfect Waste Management
  • Perfect Woman Empowerment
  • Perfect CSR Initiative focusing on development of SME’s
  • Perfect Healthcare Start Up of the Year

Nominations for Perfect CSR Awards 2018 are to be filled and submitted online. Applications open from the 1st of July..


Campaigns executed during the year 2017/18 (for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018) are eligible as entries.

Entry Fee

An entry fee of INR 2000 per entry is to be paid. Organizations can apply under multiple categories as well. No entry fee will be charged for the first 50 nominations.

Last date for submission

Deadline for submission is 15 September 2018.

Other guidelines

• If you are applying in multiple categories, an aggregate payment for all can be done.
• Payment for all entries will be online. The invoice and receipt will also be generated online.
• Entries can be submitted in the form of videos, brief write up (max. 800 words), or as A3 Storyboard.
• A list of winners along with pictures will be published in a leading daily after the awards.

Click here to know more about the submission process (Video/ Write Up/A3 Story Board)

The jury

Our jury members come from diverse educational backgrounds and industrial sectors.

The HCFI Awards 2018

Inviting nominations under the following categories:

  • HCFI K L CHOPRA MEDIA AWARD” for the best Breaking Health News for the Year 2017 – 18. 01 April 2017 – 31 March 2018
  • HCFI Dr RAKESH GUPTA EXCELLENCE AWARD ” to be given to a medical doctor or NGO for recognizing their philanthropic contribution in the field of a community health
  • HCFI ABHEETA KHANNA LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” to be awarded to person for his or her exemplary contribution in the field of PR and Journalism
  • HCFI ANIL JAJU EXCELLENCE AWARD” to be awarded to an NGO for an exemplary public health awareness project initiated in the year.
  • ” HCFI QIMAT RAI AGGARWAL EXCELLENCE AWARD” to be awarded to a school student recognizing his/her contribution in the field of health and environment
  • ” HCFI Dr K K AGGARWAL INNOVATION AWARD to be awarded to a nursing student or institution recognizing an innovative project or contribution in the field of health
  • ” HCFI PERFORMER OF THE YEAR AWARD” to be awarded to the best all-rounder from the HCFI Family

Nominations for Perfect CSR Awards 2018 are to be filled and submitted online. Applications open from the 1st of July