Vijay Jain

Seventy-year-old Vijay Jain has been staying away from his family for the last 20 years. He was married in 1978, is a vegetarian, and an ex-smoker (5 cigarettes a day for 20 years). With no regular source of income, he serves at the Hindu Rao hospital and receives Rs 2000 as pension and Rs 1500 as contribution from doctors. The first of two siblings, Vijay was diagnosed with heart blockages in 2014. He has 3 children and his 66-year-old brother also has heart blockages.

Vijay is stressed, lonely, and lives with a fear of death. In March 2013, he had a heart attack and was treated with clot dissolving drugs. He reported to HCFI in April 2014. A coronary angiography showed mild proximal plaque in lAD artery and 90% blockage of D1 artery before bifurcation. He was put on statins. An angio was repeated in January 2015 which showed extension in LAD with 80% stenosis. In May 2015, his LAD artery showed 99% blockage and extra disease in Rogh RCA artery D1 lesion was the same.

Vijay underwent a high-risk bypass graft surgery in December 2015 at the National Heart Institute with a complicated post-surgery period due to a cardiac arrest. However, thanks to the timely treatment, he is now doing well.


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