The first ever Perfect Health Mela was conceptualised and organised by Heart Care Foundation of India in 1993. This year the foundation will mark silver jubilee celebrations by organizing MTNL Perfect Health Mela at Talkatora Indoor Stadium New Delhi from 4th- 8th October 2017.

PHM is one of the most visited community health event, which covers all aspects of health, incorporating all pathies, for all segments of society using the medium of lowcost replicable infotainment under one roof. The event is widely covered by both digital and media(electronic ,print media & outdoor).

Major activities include exhibitions, education,competitions, infotainment and free health check-ups and opinions.


To create awareness about all aspects of health for people from all sections of the society and all walks of life incorporating all pathies under one roof using cost effective replicable infotainment modules.


Preventive Health Care
  1. Check-ups: Includes BP, Height and Weight BMI, estimation, Blood test, ECG test, ECHO, general consultation by Allopathic doctors, Homeopathic doctors, Ayurveda doctors, and free blood tests
  2. Education and Health Awareness: Exhibition and lectures, workshops, competition, etc., on different health themes.
  3. School Health Education programmes: With an expected participation of over 5000 school children who will compete in various inter-school competitions, which includes Skit competition, Yoga Competition, Choreography Competition, Science working model cum demonstration, Slogan cum poster making, Painting, Diya Decoration, Classical Dance, Western Dance Group, Western Dance Solo, Collage Making, Painting Competition. These are categorized under:
    • ANMOL - Children with differently abled. This unique event is organized every year to spread the message in the community that disabled children are differently able. The children will judged by eminent judges.
    • HARMONY AND ECOFEST Inter School Festival - Purpose of this competition is not only to have a competition but to learn preventive strategies so that the children in future can become healthy adults. The competitions will be open to primary, junior and senior school children.
    • HERITAGE- Inter Dancing School festival at Perfect Health Mela Dancing is good for health and classical dance is a mix of exercise and meditation.
  4. Youth Festival: Workshops, competitions, lectures, cultural programmes like fashion shows, singing, and choreography involving nursing students, college students, and other youth; medical students, doctors, etc This includes Rock Band. Orchestra, Collage Making, Painting Competition, Nukkad Natak Competition, Skit, Health Debate, Kavita Path/Poet Recitation, Choreography Competition, Mehandi Competition, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Chorus Western Dance (Solo), Western Dance (Group), Fashion Show. These are categorized under:
    • DIVYA JYOTI - Nursing students of various nursing schools and colleges utilized the Perfect Health Mela venue as their community posting. They not only helped in examining & vaccinating the patients but also learnt about social counseling, stage management and many aspects of personality development. Nurses are the backbone of the society and an important conduit between patient care and the doctor.
    • MEDICO MASTI - a youth festival. Various competitions will be held for college students from Medical, Pharmacy, Homeopathy and Business schools. Students from various colleges participated in the non-stop competitions where prizes were also given on the spot. Infotainment is a new concept of creating health education and in this module education is interlinked with entertainment.
  5. Daily Entertainment Programmes: Musical programmes by art and cultural academies of the Delhi government, Nukkad Nataks, and magic shows, all focussing on health issues.
  6. Training of Common Masses on CPR10: How to revive a person from sudden cardiac death, through hands only hands on CPR10 using mannequins.
  7. IEC Activities by PSU’s and Government departments.


Since its inception in 1993, this mega community service event has been a time tested mass health awareness module that attracts approx, 3-5 lakh visitors every year. This is a right mix of tradition and modern exhibits, creating awareness about all aspects of health for people of all ages, from all walks of life, covering all pathies under one roof using infotainment as the medium.


Heart Care Foundation of India, New Delhi Municipal Council,


Govt. of India Depts. AYUSH, Dev. Commissioner Handicrafts , Dev. Commissioner Handlooms,Ministry of Earth Sciences, Department of Science & Technology, National Vector Disease Control Department,

Delhi Govt. Depts.: Art Culture & Languages,DSACS, Environment, Education, Delhi Police, Delhi Fire Service

Corporate : MTNL, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Coca Cola India Ltd, KENT, IJCP Group “A Medical Publication House”, Health Mela NGOs: Brij Rama Foundation, GL Sanghi “Save a Life Project”.

School Coordination:S D Public School BU Block, Pitampura, Delhi, 110034

Media Partners

IJCP Group of Publications, Dilli Aaj Tak

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